Why Me?

On Wednesday at 1:45 PM, I spoke with Amazon’s customer service regarding my broken Kindle. By 2:15 PM, I had an email in my inbox which listed the details of the conversation. A shipping confirmation showed up at 5:45 PM. On Thursday at 10 AM, a friendly man in a brown uniform brought a replacement device to my front door.

The modern world is amazing.

I tend to take it all for granted, to forget how incredible it is that I even have the education and the leisure to read, much less to do so on a device composed of highly processed sand. After all, this is all I’ve ever known – a modern, middle-class life in the United States where electronics are everywhere – and it is easy to lose sight of the fact that I have access to more comfort and convenience and technology than the vast majority of people alive today, that the small things I consider normal would be seen as wonderful luxuries by even the richest, most privileged members of previous generations.

Every now and then, however, I am reminded of how very blessed I am to live where and when I do, to have the friends and family and opportunities that I do. My inclination is, so often, to cry, “Why me?” in the midst of pain and suffering and, while it is a question that is natural and honest and real at such times, perhaps it makes more sense to ask it during seasons of abundance. Why do I get to live here and now? Why do I have such privileges, such blessings? Why am I granted this life, this grace?

I am so grateful for this life I get to live. May I always be cognizant of my blessings, even on days that don’t include incredible customer service and unexpected overnight shipping.

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  1. By: Kirk Moberg Posted: July 2, 2014

    Amen Jenn! but on a side note I must say – if Amazon had their drones up and running you would have had that Kindle within hours that evening! Scary

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