Good Stuff Around the Web

I often stumble across things worth sharing as I meander around the World Wide Web. Here are some posts I’ve appreciated lately:

Mourning with those who mourn:
Psalm for a Lost Child, by Addie Zierman. Heartbreaking, beautiful, and honest
On Sharing the Silent Grief of Miscarriage, by Caleb Wilde. A good reminder. So many couples share this grief.
On the Christian life:
#Blessed, by Jamie the Very Worst Missionary. Yes and yes.
Unanswered Prayer, by John Frye. Some good points and reminders here.

Being intentional:
Dear World: Let’s Stop Giving Our Crap to the Poor, by Kristen at We are THAT Family. The title says it all.
On Not “Firepitting” Our Marriage (or our children), by Kristen at Rage Against the Minivan.

Living in America today:
‘A Diamond is Forever’ and other fairy tales, by Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy.
Two Dozen Retailers Won’t Open on Thanksgiving–And They’re Shaming the Ones That Will, by Brad Tuttle. Businesses worth supporting.
The Ugly Side of Beautiful Rooms: Design in the Age of Internet Comments, by AnneMarie Dooling. This article addresses nasty comments left at home decor sites specifically, but the principles apply to all online interactions.

Just for fun:
If Literary Characters were Lifestyle Bloggers, by Jesse Doogan. For the book nerds.
And finally, BJ Novak reading The Book with No Pictures. If you haven’t watched it, do. It will bring a smile to your face.

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