Worthwhile Weekend Words

Some good reads from the past few weeks. (With the exception of the first link, there’s a common theme here … can you guess what I’ve been thinking about recently?)

First, this was the best response to the Josh Duggar situation that I saw (not that I read all that many).

I appreciated the Venn diagrams and corresponding words from this piece at the New Republic. People of my generation and younger, myself included, sometimes fall into the trap of believing that the work they are paid to do must bring purpose and joy and meaning to their lives at all times. This just sets us up for failure. (This article over at Storyline blog from a few weeks ago makes a similar point, with the added benefit of including God in the equation.)

Billy Coffey shared a wonderful reminder to keep on keeping on this week. Pursue your dreams.  (Note: it may seem as though Billy’s post contradicts the one from the New Republic. I don’t believe it does at all. You have passions and dreams for a reason. That might not mean you’ll make a living from them.)

John Blase has an excellent, grace-filled post up at the High Calling, urging us to pursue excellence wherever we are, to stay in conversation with the world, and to remember that grace is everywhere.

Finally, a series of related articles. First, Ann Voskamp wrote about the horrors that are happening in the Middle East under the rule of ISIS. If you haven’t seen her post yet, start there. It is disturbing and heartbreaking, but you should still read it. To be honest, I don’t know what I should do, what I can do, what I ought to do when confronted with such news – somehow, giving to the organization she recommends and then just going about my life does not seem like enough (though it’s certainly a place to start). But then I read Shawn Smucker’s three posts – this one, then this one, and finally this one – and I think he’s on to something, here. The best way to combat evil in the world is to open my eyes, to wake up, to do those small things in front of me and to be faithful in them, always looking for the places God has called me to love. To be willing to do the Little Things.

Whew. Lots of good reads. How about you? Read anything worth sharing recently?

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