Worthwhile Weekend Words

Just two posts for you this week, both well worth your time.

This one, from Micha Boyett over at Christianity Today, is beautiful. “Here’s what matters: Not that my child has Down syndrome. Not that he is healthy or unhealthy. Not whether my tiny pregnant belly was cute or whether Ace is an adorable baby. Instagram “likes” will stop one day. My pregnant belly has turned to a normal soft postpartum middle. Health doesn’t last, does it? Cuteness is temporary. What matters is how we receive each other. How we receive the ones we’ve been given to love. I receive this, Lord. I receive him. I receive my child. What matters is how we love.”

From the Mockingbird, a reminder that we’re all going to die one day. “Jesus never promises sunshine and rainbows, but he does promise that the Resurrection will transform pain into joy and hearts that are saddled with grief will one day rejoice. We’re all going to die. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia.”

Oh, and did you notice I added a “Featured Writing” page? I hope to update it rather frequently in the future!

How about you? Read anything good this week?

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