{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

 ~Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life, as inspired by the women at Like Mother, Like Daughter~


Abby woke up wanting some quality Mama time at 5:30 the other morning. This typically elicits groans from me (and, to be fair, this particular morning was no exception), but it did let me witness the lovely crescent moon shining between the gap in the trees and the first hints of color as the sky awakened to dawn. This photograph in no way does it justice.

Also pretty, these beets – Chioggia beets – from our CSA box last week. I love the marbled color. Healthy, pretty, and tasty – that’s a win-win-win situation.


When she’s in the right mood, Katie loves to help.  One morning, as Abby was taking her nap, I decided to tackle a long-put-off chore – cleaning the master bathroom. Katie was right there with me the entire time, carefully spraying everything she could reach and wiping it down with a bit of paper towel.

(Pro-mom tip: a spray bottle filled with water and an old rag are all that’s needed to keep this kid content for however long it takes me to finish my cleaning. Though monitoring is much needed; there were a few times I had to redirect and mop up after her.)

Also happy: pizza on the grill! The pizza grill attachment was Jonathan’s Father’s Day gift this year, and we plan to put it to good use in the months and years to come.

Full disclosure: we’re still perfecting our technique. First lesson learned: the pizza peel needs lots (and I do mean lots) of cornmeal, or your pizza might look like this in the end:


Abby, when she wants to interact, tilts her head to the side and waits for you to return the gesture, at which point there are many grins and much laughter all around. She’ll do this repeatedly, never seeming to tire of it. She’s been doing this for several weeks now, but this week was the first time I captured it in a photograph. She’s at such an interactive age: it’s fun to see how her personality (so different from her sister’s) is beginning to express itself.


See that small hole, there in the threads of this fitting (it’s a bit difficult to see in this picture but, trust me, it’s there). Yeah. As it turns out, that small hole wreaked havoc for us this weekend. Specifically, on Father’s Day. That fitting came from our well, which, due to the resulting leak, was out of commission from Sunday morning to Monday afternoon. Thirty hours without easy access to water made me ever-so-grateful for the normal abundance of it that we enjoy. (And got me thinking, too, about the way that small things can cause big problems if left untended.)

Those are the {pretty, happy, funny, real} moments around here this week. How about you? Share in the comments!

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