{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

 ~Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life, as inspired by the women at Like Mother, Like Daughter~


Another pretty find in the CSA box (who knew vegetables could be so attractive?): this striped squash. The blend of greens delighted me enough that I was hesitant to cut into it.

(Jonathan felt no such qualms, or, rather, he’d have been fine if I hadn’t cut into it at all. He has no appreciation for summer squash of any kind. I showed this to him, saying, “Isn’t it pretty?” He gave me a dry look and responded, “It’s a zucchini.”

These two girls and their blossoming relationship rank high on my list of loveliness these days. Katie’s favorite part of the day might just be when Abby wakes up from her nap. Katie loves to be the one to go in and greet her, climbing into her crib to laugh and play with her until I come to get them both out.

We were in the grocery store earlier today, Abby in the front of the cart, Katie walking alongside like the big girl that she is. As I was checking out, Katie entertained her little sister. She talked to her and made faces, eliciting squeals and smiles. The checker noted the interaction: “I love it when they like each other.” “Me too,” I said. “Me too.”


Katie has an abiding sweetness to her, a kind spirit that shows itself in many ways: her willingness to share with her sister, her desire to give bites of her favorite foods to those she loves, her thoughtfulness as she talks to her dad and me about her days. On Tuesday night, while reflecting on the 4th of July parade we’d attended and the way her Aunt Fats had covered her (Katie’s) ears when loud vehicles went by, she declared, “I want make heart and put it in envelope and put it in the mail and send it to Aunt Fats and allllll my family and say I love them.” And so, the next day, we did. (Well, except that she lost steam after making one. So perhaps the rest of the family will receive theirs at a later date.)


Baby proportions are the best, aren’t they?

In the past week, this is the reaction I’ve gotten when I say, “Yay, Abby!” Well, unless I’m trying to show somebody how she does this. Then, if I say it, she looks at me like I’m insane.


In recent weeks, I realized I was spending more time online and more time on my phone than was really healthy. As useful and as beneficial (and as incredible – I mean, really. Imagine trying to describe a smartphone to somebody fifty years ago) as this small piece of technology is, I found myself far more dependent and far more tied to it than I should be.

And so, I’ve been making a conscious effort to cut back. To leave it behind on walks, and on the kitchen counter during the day at home. To delete the apps that have become time-wasters (or time-passers, when I’m bored), and to sit with my girls (or with my thoughts, or with a book) instead. To limit Facebook and social media to two days a week.

So far, it’s been going well. But it also means I’m taking fewer pictures – while I’ve gotten my DSLR out more often, it isn’t as handy as a phone. I’ll continue to adjust and to evaluate and to tweak, to try to find the balance between being connected to the world and documenting our days and being present in the moment I’m in, but for now, I’m glad for the change.

Those are the {pretty, happy, funny, real} moments around here this week. How about you? Share in the comments!

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