{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} – Mom, Interrupted

~Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life, as inspired by the women at Like Mother, Like Daughter~


I apologize if you’ve grown weary of the view from this spot on our property, but I can’t help myself. Each time the morning mist blankets our hill, I run for my camera, no matter how many times I’ve seen it before.

We visited one of the local Christmas street fairs last night. The girls were good sports despite the cold, a fact no doubt helped by the copious amounts of kettle corn they consumed as we wandered through downtown. Katie was entranced by the carolers and the lights, but was most captivated by the man shaping glass – we spent a solid ten minutes watching him work. Abby was happiest when freed from the confines of the stroller; she wobbled about, grinning up at strangers and generally convincing everyone she met that she’s the most adorable toddler around.


We gathered with my side of the family to celebrate Christmas this past weekend; with the exception of my brother, my youngest sister’s husband, and two of her kids, we were all together, and we all stayed in my childhood home. As you might guess from this photo, there was a great deal of chaos and noise (and also a great deal of laughter and fun). Ten small cousins ages six and under. Two sets of twins. Lots and lots of running and chasing and playing. Whew.

Among the noise and chaos, there were also moments of (relative) quiet, in which works of art were created. Katie’s cousin was quite generous in allowing her to help her paint and decorate this birdhouse, and the layers of paint and feathers and googly eyes on this thing were impressive, indeed.

Our visit also provided Katie plenty of time with her youngest cousins. Tending to and caring for her stuffed friends occupies most of her playtime at home, and she’s thrilled whenever she has the opportunity to help a real baby.


Quick: if you were planning to transport two male adult llamas from one location to another, what would you need? A horse trailer, right?


The owners of the llamas who board on our property often transport them in a 15-passenger van, which we’d chalked up to a bit of eccentricity. This past week, however, a couple showed up in a beater minivan, bought two llamas, and off they went.

(Well, not so simply as that. Those llamas were not interested in getting into that van, and so loading them was quite a process. A rather amusing process, from our perspective. Though not from theirs – or the humans’ trying to load them – I’m sure.)


It might be that a certain sweet girl who has molars coming in and who has been waking more often and earlier than is typical almost fell asleep over her lunch today, and so had an early nap. It may also be that the same sweet girl woke from her nap needing some good Mama snuggles just as I was about to begin the {real} section of this post. So instead of my attempt at deep thoughts regarding Advent or the help of the Holy Spirit or the way I just can’t seem to get away from comparing myself to others, you get this selfie.

Which seems a more apt depiction of {real} at this point in my life than anything else I might write here.

Those are the {pretty, happy, funny, and real} moments around here this week. How about you? Capture any contentment lately?

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