Worthwhile Weekend Words

Today’s edition of WWW brought to you by pi (because I’m an engineer and a nerd, and find the uniqueness of today – 3/14/15, which won’t happen again for another 100 years – rather fun). If you don’t read the rest of the list, read #6. Priceless.

On to more serious things …

I found Soren Kierkegaard’s analysis of the human condition to be fascinating and insightful. Though it may be more obvious in today’s modern climate of social media and trolling, it seems we have always struggled with envy and bullying.

I loved this post by Erin Loechner about the empty choices we make when we consume things online, how we trade contentment for longing when we look at some one else’s path and want it for ourselves. Beautifully written, and worth thinking about: is the time you spend reading blogs and scrolling through social media bringing value to your life?

Last but not least, this post in the Atlantic regarding Ferguson is an important read, despite its somewhat click-baitish title. You may be tired of hearing about this in the news or from social media, but if you don’t know the details of the report from the DOJ, it will astound you that this kind of corruption and blatant misuse of power still happens in 21st century America.

How about you? Read anything interesting this week?

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