Worthwhile Weekend Words

I haven’t shared weekend words for the past several weeks, but that certainly doesn’t mean there aren’t good reads out there! Here are a few I found thought-provoking or inspiring:

On the lighter side, the photographs in this post make me laugh out loud (literally), and also make me want to buy the book. Underwater babies, indeed – perhaps Katie could be a model for his next book! She’ll be taking swim lessons next month, and she is certainly cute enough to make the cut.

This piece about the Inklings (of which Lewis and Tolkien, among others, were a part) is long, but fascinating. Another one that has me considering a book purchase.

Over at the Mockingbird, this piece contemplates Christian friendship: “Maybe the best kinds of friendships are simply two sinners gently prodding one another to remember God’s grace. Maybe Christian friendship happens when we can’t figure out who is being benevolent to whom.”

Finally, this is what I hope for in my home, what I strive to create through Friday Night Dinners (among other things): that people might know they are welcome here. Anytime.

What about you? Read anything good lately?

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