Worthwhile Weekend Words

Things I found worthwhile this week:

Our world is far from perfect, but, as Carmella reminds us in her beautiful post, every day, we have the perfect opportunity to make it just a little bit better.

Have you read Sheryl Sandburg’s post about the death of her husband? Some good words, here: “Even a simple “How are you?”—almost always asked with the best of intentions—is better replaced with “How are you today?” When I am asked “How are you?” I stop myself from shouting, My husband died a month ago, how do you think I am? When I hear “How are you today?” I realize the person knows that the best I can do right now is to get through each day.”

Another good read from Billy Coffey, this one about leaving a legacy: “I think that for all the lofty goals the human spirit can strive to accomplish, this is the most noble—that we spend our days in pursuit of something that will outlive us. That we plant seeds destined to bless not only ourselves, but generations.” Yes. Let this be true, in my child-rearing, in my writing, in the way I love and interact with others.

Mockingbird is rapidly becoming one of my favorite blogs. This piece on raccoons and stench and death is excellent.

Finally, Micha Boyett encourages us to cultivate space for the life we’re living, for the days we find ourselves in the middle of. “[W]e’ve spent most of the past six years in a church that always reminds us that the world and our city are both beautiful and broken, always at the same time. And that liturgy has been planted deep into our souls. It is always both. Life is always beautiful. Life is always heart-breaking. We can ask why, but we can’t ask why without noticing that everyone else is suffering as well. In different ways, we all walk through pain. And sometimes your suffering is also your sweetest joy.”

What about you? Read anything good this week?

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