Worthwhile Weekend Words

It’s been some time since the last edition of Worthwhile Weekend Words. My apologies. But I do have some interesting reads for you this week:

As you’ll know if you’ve read this blog for any period of time, I’m a sucker for stories about the power of words. This article – about a father’s love for his dead son and the way his memorial to that son have lived on – was sure to show up on this list as soon as I read it. “In other words, the stone is a celebration of how words can make someone immortal.”

This essay about the intersection of parenthood and the creative life is long but excellent, and I found myself nodding along in agreement with (and finding encouragement in) much of what she wrote. (Fair warning: if you don’t find yourself in this particular situation, this piece might not be as meaningful to you).

I shared this article about our not-always-helpful attempts to meet the great needs of the world at the bottom of my post about social media earlier this week, but it merits another mention. Check it out.

As usual, Mockingbird has some excellent and thought-provoking pieces up that are worthy of your time and attention. I appreciated this article about our need for an objective gospel in an increasingly subjective world and this one about the unexpected ways in which we see Jesus.

Finally, I found this post about the wounds that continue to hurt us even as they heal over at (in)courage to be rather timely. Perhaps you could gain encouragement from it too?

How about you? Read anything worth sharing this week?

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